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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Show Dates

For those of you who are looking for this years show dates, they'll be posted soon. I haven't fallen down a rabbit hole but, have been very busy with my regular job. I will be displaying at Clifton Park Commons on the 4th of July, same as last year. I will have new pieces, a new tent and new signage with me. For the girl who wants 2 more purple flowers. I will have them with me. I know last year at Mabee Farm? you were looking for them because you wanted them for your other two patio doors. For the woman with the dragonfly tattoo on her foot. I know you are looking for a "stand alone" dragonfly. I did make a proto type but, gave it away. There is a picture of it in the gallery section. Is this anything you are interested in? I plan on reworking it a bit and making some more. Not sure if I will keep the wings blue or switch to an iridescent filigree textured glass.


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