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Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Finally Done...

This is the Noah's Ark piece that has been a long time coming. It started when we had work done on the house. The contractor we hired was Noah's Ark Construction and that got me thinking.
I went searching for a Noah's Ark pattern. Found the pattern but, then the dilemma of the glass. Being one for thinking "outside the box" I didn't want to use the glass that was suggested. I want wood to look like wood, a Zebra to look like a Zebra and so on. The Zebra glass, I think is perfect. It is a glass made by Spectrum, Baroque.
I have a friend, Jim, who also does stained glass. I talked to him about my idea of making the Zebra striped and he said that he had some of the glass that I was looking for. So, with his help my ark has a striped Zebra on it.

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